WHY JOE HOGAN fat shaming people?

Also I think he would look funny if he ever let himself go and became a round tub of jelly standing at 3foot nothing. Debate away cuckholds, F every single one of ya, JACOBEAR 4 Life

Maybe you could start by posting a specific example of his fat shaming.

Finally we have a new member of The forum that isn’t a complete douchebag troll


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Fuck That GIF by memecandy


why are you height shaming Joe?

Because that’s what you do to fat people.

Fatties are the worst victims in the game. You have a few groups making a push for the crown but the tubs of lard will not let it go easy.

Fat people shame themselves




I can do that.
right click, open profile in new tab, ignore, forever


Says someone on Team Fat Kid

you do know, Joey diaz is his best friend? or thats old news?

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This leg kick commentating ogre, straight fat shammed my boy Matty the obnoxious YouTuber chef on his podcast for being a meatbomb. Shitted on him with the mention of ex-fatass Action Bronzilini. Now he has this Hollywood blob podcast, gasing his big ass up, “bro you look great”. EAT A COOKIE joe HOGAN. Meddling retard polishing the turd that is this podcast game

The fuck language you speaking, fatty?

Steve Harvey Reaction GIF

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TFK is about food, not being fat.

Sorry you’re so fat, OP