Why Jones is so good and will win again...

Dat length.

Its going to be a hard night for Teixeira to trade with someone with such a reach advantage and unorthodox style.

I think Glover's best chance is to score the take down BY ANY MEANS and keep Jones on his back. If Teixeira wins it will be from a flash ko to knock the champ down and get on top for a sub, or score a take down and gnp away.

That said, I picked Bones to pull out a decision. Phone Post 3.0

Glover is going to have charge through Jones and get inside. Every second he spends from distance is just getting him a step closer to losing. As soon as that bell rings he needs start attacking. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not sure this has been mentioned before, man. You've got a keen eye, Doakes! Phone Post 3.0