Why jones is so hated

 When I look at jones, why I think he is so hated.

He has that youthful clueless talking, he really doesnt mean to offend anyone, he is just so youthful that his choice of words makes him seem like the most arrogant fighter ever.

The older fighters dont want to admit this young guy is way better than them with no belts, or boxing pedigree. Is dominating

Also 205 is where most fans favorite fighters are.  Rampage, Shogun, and Machida.  They hate seeing them beaten.

Jackson MMa lately has been a very hated organization, from GSP greasing and laying on people.  Rashads Wall and Stall on thiago and Rampage.  Even though jones has been very entertaining to watch he is hated.

Toronto and Buffalo are very related..  The Bills play a game every year in toronto.  Toronto should have like jones but instead they booed the hell out of him and chanted for machida.