Why Kanye West is right - by asian nazi


He’s right. And this is why digital currency is dangerous. We should never go cashless.


Everyone knows he is talking about Beyonce and Jayz and their love of witchcraft, satanic rituals and their connection to elites.

Everyone does satanic shit, that they are afraid to admit.


2022 keeps getting better!


“Bullshit! You could be mine”

“misogynistic antisemitic white nationalist Christian fascist incel”

That’s a mouthful lol


Fuentes and the groypers are true american patriots. i like kanye more and more each day

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the groypers are awesome:

Google Dancing Israelis - Dank Groyper Edit


is there any kanye gear a white boy can wear without looking wigger… that fuentes meeting sealed the deal. as far as im concerned even the white boys gotta support kanye now imho…

im not talking wigger shit, just put a few dollars in kanyes pocket considering the balls he has shown standing up to the assholes/bullies



thanks for posting that, shit made my day! kinda surprised kanye would even have heard of fuentes, maybe groyping isnt as niche as i thought

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Holy shit that was based.

Who’s the dude and what was the forum?

freight hes a groyper in like 2020, i believe it was univesity of ohio. no idea the name but he definatly condidered a groyping legend.

What’s a “groyper”?

A failed and/or subverted offshoot of the Alt Right. They are (were?) led by Nick Fuentes, a somewhat talented but incelish guy who’s barely old enough to get hammered. Most of them were grifters, hopping on useless hypes like “christian nationalism” and “let’s change the republican party from within!”.

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It appears to me that groypers are the cringe little brothers of republicans.

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Stuka (and i mean this nicely dude) what is your vision of an alternative? if it involves goosestepping and swastikas im gonna stop you right there, that has exactly zero hope, ever, repeat EVER. sorry but i see guys like the dancing israelis groyper above and other stinging questions from them and i see it as positive overall, far from perfect but overall positive … notice how grifter charlie kirk turned nationalist tucker carlson after being targeted by the groypers. its called helping shift the overton window dude.

certainly not perfect but positive overall. fuentes can be a weirdo turning down pussy is a wierd voluntary celibate on “religious catholic grounds”. incel is involuntary celibate who cant get laid, not millionaire religious weirdo who publically turns down pussy like fuentes. both strange certainly, but different.

stuka seems to me its much more productive try to find common ground with other nationalists and zionist critics then nitpicking which results in having common cause with next to nobody imho.

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for example FreightTrain had zero clue about these guys and his gut reaction was a positive one about them being based, seems like they have (had) a good message and technique/strategy imho, as imperfect as they may be as a bunch of 23 year old kids.

I’m convinced that’s he’s either gay or asexual. He definitely isn’t into women. He basically says he refuses to date a girl unless she fits into this impossible little box that he conjures up so he can cover up his homosexuality.

i dont know man. seems like it could be a catholic thing. or not. i dont operate on gossip. could be somebody new needs to come along… or not, we’ll see.

groypers (or those dudes/ideas/tactics) are bigger the nick fuentes regardless.

? for national socialists here… should i believe hitler had one nut and fucked his niece? i dont operate on gossip. to easy to slander and speculate. im not a hitler supporter but i still dont go by gossip for anybody. to much slander out there.

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hes got a hate on for modern women - well he has a point there.

i just hide my disgust for modern women so i can make it in the world and have a girlfriend… not because i approve of modern women, maybe fuentes is just more honest then guys like me.

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