Why Kenny Florian is now an average UGer

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                                Why Kenny Florian is now an average UGer

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                    <p>The average UGer has a supermodel girlfriend, 20&quot; guns,&nbsp;a cock like a burmese python, and lives in a mansion. It is not widely known, but retired UFC&nbsp;middleweight, welterweight, lightweight, and featherweight Kenny&nbsp;Florian, who currently works as a FOX analyst and UFC color commentator, got his Kenflo ring name from his UG screenname.</p>

Come to find out, he is, actually, an average UGer.

You can check them off.

Married to the North-Carolina-born model and actress Clark Gilmer, known for America's Next Top Model, Millionaire Matchmaker, and the 2012 Academy Award for Best Picture Argo.


20" Guns. Florian actually has something better. The best hair in mixed martial arts. Kenny Florian's hair > 20" guns. #FACT. Check.

Having worked weigh ins at a number of early shows in New England, let me just say Kenny Florian's dick is so big, it won't return Spielberg's calls.


Which brings us to the mansion.

Kenny Florian just bought one, for $2,750,000, in the Hollywood Hiils, from Aussie rocker ocker Chris Cester. The LA Times has the details.

The remodeled English Country-style home, built in the 1920s, centers on a formal living room with barrel vault ceilings, dark wood floors and a fireplace. A chandelier-topped dining room done in zebra-print wallpaper sits off the living room.

Other spaces include a step-down den and a kitchen with a center island. Two master suites are among the four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Outdoors, hedged grounds of about a third of an acre feature a swimming pool and spa with a waterfall feature. A detached garage/studio sits behind gates at the front of the home.

So there you have it - Kenny 'Kenflo' Florian, average UGer.


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Average OGer >> Average UGer Phone Post 3.0

This is actually beautiful Phone Post 3.0

I think you misspelled oger Phone Post 3.0

Congrats to him on his success, when I say success I mean happiness. He seems very happy, doesn't matter what his wife does for work, doesn't matter he has a house worth millions, he's happy, and thats what really matters.

Good for you Kenneth. I wish you the best.

Ps- if you get sick of your wife, in happy to provide "counselling".

What? I'm just saying! Phone Post 3.0

How could the UG blog possibly get this so wrong?


All of these facts prove Kenflo is now the average OG'er, not UG'er.



OG'er imo Phone Post 3.0

Dude... Phone Post 3.0

He sexually undermines 9.5's. The man is an OG'er.

He definitely has pointy elbows. Phone Post 3.0

Never been so proud to welcome another into the club, oger or uger spelling for the headline and wfa purposes.

Cheers to the Ken flo. Phone Post 3.0

OG'er Phone Post 3.0


I find it funny we can't post nudity or profanity in thread titles because of the image they want the website to give but will not think twice about saying cock on the front page in a "news" article. Phone Post 3.0

Strange how all these fighters who barely get paid by Zuffa have mansions ain't it Phone Post 3.0


Kirik - 


Cant you get your top men to fix this?

TheHebrewHammer - Average OGer >> Average UGer Phone Post 3.0
First comment nailed it. Brfu Phone Post 3.0

Kenny might be the dopest individual to never win a title in his field.

Charles Barkley, Kenny, Leonardo Dicaprio

Definitely OG Phone Post 3.0