why Kimo instead of Tank vs Ken?

Why is Kimo fighting Shamrock instead of Tank against Shamrock? Kimo-Shamrock is kinda cool for the legends idea, but Ken already beat Kimo, not a whole lot of sense in a rematch. Tank vs Ken could be quite good though.

I do think that the rematch should be more even, however, Kimo's got a pretty good shot of winning I think.

Good call!

I think Kimo's come a long way since their first fight so it's a much more interesting match this time out

Ken will knock him out.

yeah right.

They probably couldnt come to financial terms with Tank.

Kimo has good ground skills, it will be a good match

I believe Ken will KO Kimo with the sickness...
Kimo will have a huge problem getting Ken down.


It will be interesting to see just how good Kimo has gotten at grappling, now that he's a Joe Moreira black belt. Not that Ken is the best grappler in the world to test one's skills at, but it will be an interesting fight, especially for people that like to watch grappling more than strikes. Yeah, I think there will be more grappling than strikes in this one.

Yeah it sounds funny, but I seem to recall that the fight between Tank and Kimo was basically a grappling match in which Kimo would have none of the striking game.

When is this match supposed to take place?

weak main event

Ken vs Kimo may end up being a more competive match than Ken vs Tank.

Kimo fought Bob "Big Baby" Sapp. If the old Ken fights Kimo, Ken will win. The new Ken, that goes toe to toe like Rock Em Sock Em Robots, could end up gassing himself out and taking hard shots. Kimo ain't no Alexander Otsuka.

Ken and Tank could probably sell a few more tickets than Ken and Kimo, but Ken and Kimo probably stands a better chance of not being a disappointment to watch.

"Kimo will have a huge problem getting Ken down."


I love Ken he is a role modle for MMA but Kimo is one freak out of the Xfiles. The man caRRIED A CROSS TO THE RING !

I still think that Sapp was saved by the bell when
he fought Kimo. That punch Kimo hit him with
seriously put Sapp on queer st, the round ended
and they gave Sapp extra recovery time. After that
Kimo was toast.

Wouldn't it be poetic justice if Kimo tapped Ken
with a heel hook?

They gave Sapp more time in the Kimo fight because,they had already "scripted" the Tyson scenario.

What happened to Tyson, is he still on the list to
fight or what?