Why MAGAtards NOT Cheering Market RECORD HIGHS?

Trump was one of the rare presidents that lost more jobs than gained in his fours years .

It was due to his lying and mishandling of COVID-19

This is the same fuck that put three casinos on the same block that only had visitors during the summer season .


It took 5 years for the market to get back to the high under Bush…5 years…

He was actually CORRECT about Covid:

  1. it’s basically a bad flu (which it is)
  2. hydroxychloroquine works as a last resort (now they admit it does)
  3. UV light therapy works (as reported by Cedar Sinai)
  4. emphasized that it came from China (which we now know it did, from a LAB, not from a market)
  5. He wanted us to open up (which we should have, as masks and lockdowns do NOTHING except destroy our health and economy, which is why our dollar is losing value from printing money, since our country was closed for about a year for no reason)

‘Build it Back Better’ is going to completely underwhelm. The results will be quite lame, actually.

There is no morale. No spirit behind it like what a Trump Presidency and leadership could have done with it.

Trump is the business genius that lost 10 billion


^trying to educate a MAGAtard with FACTS is like thinking logic will work when arguing with a woman

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How were those jobs lost? What was going on?
Mishandling the pandemic…yet lost all those jobs because of the attempt to slow the virus. You are literally blaming him for not doing enough then doing too much in the same paragraph.

You will want to get educated on how debt and tax laws work.

Once you get educated then you will sell your stocks and get some guns and ammo to carry with you when you ride around town on your little gimp scooter over to the gay bookstore and Trader Joe’s.

I’m not some FAUX CONservative ChickenLittle! Just the other evening on a return from a night-time stroll as I was getting ready to enter through the LUXURY townHOME community Gated WALL some shady scoundrel tried to hustle me but when I Lemured-Up he went on his way. I don’t need a GUN to be confident when dealing with some RiffRaff Thuggery!

LOL the RepubliCONS just can’t stop the BIDEN BULL!

S&P 500 rises to a record after better-than-expected jobless claims, Dow climbs 100 points--------

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9 more years and I don’t care anymore…

the MAGAtards which CHEERED the Trump Market but probably never even really had any $$$ saved to invest must really be HATING this BIDEN BULL!

Pickups , lift kits , big tires , guns , ammo and Trump flags ain’t cheap .

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How much are dildos and KY ?

Ask your mom

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LOL you totally got him when he tried to make trouble with his snarky commentary!

Well Done Yes GIF by Practice English with yadada

Americans were freaking out over inflation this spring. They aren’t anymore — and it shows they believe in the Biden economy.----------

Not worried because the market keeps going up.

Meh…worker and supply chain shortages.


Stocks rebound broadly on Tuesday, Dow rallies 300 points-------