Why MAGAtards NOT Cheering Market RECORD HIGHS?

Canadian…we don’t have republicans or republicons.

Was just stating a fact.

Is this the part when OGers tell you to worry about your own country. Or do you get by because you agree with them?


The stock market is global… wtf dude…

See thread title

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Well now you have your answer to the thread title…We knew it was flash in the pan and fleeting.

Although you probably, once again lack the comprehension to understand why.

Pass on to the Consumer…Prices Going Up…Rich getting RICHER…TrickleDown!

Dow jumps more than 400 points after better-than-expected earnings reports--------

OMG it went up one day!? WOW!!!

The market has been basically flat for 5 months, just wiggling up and down from day to day. May 10 the DJIA was at 34.7. Today it’s at 34.9. This is very different than from Jan 4 to May 10 where it was steadily climbing.

^Is the Market HIGHER or LOWER today than when Trump left office?

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Dow up 533 today . Jobs are up . First time unemployment claims are down . 10 million job openings in the US .

Zero TrumpTards lost their jobs to an immigrant.

Joe Biden is still your President.

#winning #build back better

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^MAGAtards HATE FACTS. They prefer FAUX NEWS!

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Dow adds nearly 300 points following earnings beats, surprise retail sales gain--------

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Another good day . No TrumpTards lost their job to an immigrant.

Well it’s time to go to work now and do my part to “build back better” . I’m just a union pipefitter doing my part . Just looked at my earnings for the year so far . I’m over $160,000 now . I love capitalism and the free market. Market is up and my union pensions are doing great .

Thanks Joe ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Where’s all this high going? Just got my quarterly statement and my tsp is down like Biden’s approval rating!

^ his approval rating is probably down because MAGAtards only like it when Markets do well during RepubliCON RULE just like how they HATED the Epic THANKS Obama Recovery!

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Where’s inflation putz ? How’s the buying power of today’s dollar to last year’s, at this time ?

Good troll though…

^seems about the SAME when one SMARTLY shops the Weekly Ads SALES!

Build back better is straight out of Klaus Schwabs nazi mouth and your 160 grand is loosing value by the minute.

LOL the MAGAtard “PREPPERS” not prepared for GA$ and crying how they can’t get into the CITY from the “compound” because “Muh GA$”

I WARNED about the SMART advantage of LUXURY TownHOME CITY LIVING!

Doing well? Then why is my tsp down over the last three months while you and sam Miller are in here screaming new high everyday? Where’s the new high going?