Why MAGAtards NOT Cheering Market RECORD HIGHS?

I think it’s early to give credit to Biden for the market’s performance. Let’s see how it performs if inflation gets out of control and the fed raises interest rates, how it does if he raises taxes, how it does with any type of major environmental plan that would impose taxes, fines, system upgrades req’s etc on businesses and possibly homes.


If there’s a better troll on the OG than the OP I haven’t yet discovered their work.


Biden’s Stock Market Is Crushing Trump’s

By one of President Trump’s favorite measures of success President Biden’s post-election stock market gains have beaten Trump’s equivalent five plus month’s returns. In fact Biden’s have crushed Trump’s, which continues a trend that occurred through the end of 2020 Bidens-post-election-stock-market-is-trouncing-trumps----------


Gas is 2x more expensive since Biden took over… look at the price/cost of lumber, poultry, resin, etc… pick anything, it’s more expensive under Biden.

I don’t give a shit about stock prices going up a little when the cost of EVERYTHING is going up by a lot more!


The truth is the president historically has little to no effect on the stock market overall.

And if you are so sure that its currently a bubble no one is stopping you from shorting everything and then becoming a millionaire overnight when the crash occurs.

With interest rates so low and inflation so high putting money in the stock market or crypto is realistically your only option at the moment, unless you want 0.3% interest from your bank.

Well done

Some of us are intelligent. We know why its up. It doesnt matter much if Trump or libtards are in government. We will still do well.

But make no mistake, the rise in the stock market IS NOT due to company productivity and value of companies increasing. Its due to increase of volatility of risk assets.

Lets re-visit this thread after the crash.

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The inflation from all the BIDEN BUCKS is very troubling. When that money train stops, that could come to a very sudden halt.

The final stimulus package was much too large and very much unneeded.

That said, I will continue to pump money into the stock market on a semi regular basis, which i may someday spin into a LUXURY townhome to be my SECOND living space.

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Man trump really broke some of y’all. Still can’t get over him 6 months later. Like a pathetic ex boyfriend.


Its like their entire miserable existence and identity of these libtards are built on Trump hate.

Thier obsessed brains are addicted to it much like crack.

Because the broader market is down.

The DOW average literally represents 30 stocks.

The NASDAQ number represents 100.

So if you only owned stocks represented by these 130 companies, you’re probably ok.

But many people have seen big losses due to the fact that there are thousands of different stocks traded on these exchanges.

And we’re wondering why there is now such a big disconnect between the averages and the broader market.

More accurate representation of the situation, IMO…

I don’t know anything about gas you communist complainer! I have just returned from a leisurely stroll over to local markets and now I’ve got some AMERICAN BBQ chicken wings warming in the toaster oven and some oil heating on the stove for some FREEDOM Fries which I will enjoy with some USA Organic Lemonade

Biden Market OUTPERFORMING the Trump Market just like the Obama Market OUTPERFORMED the Trump Market. Maybe Biden will get TWO TERMS

I don’t know why the MAGAtards HATE America and can’t just be happy that America is WINNING under BLUE Management

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I get duped by trolls all the time. I think it’s partly because I can’t for the life fathom having nothing of importance in my life, that I would have the time or the desire to do something so pathetic.


He’s one of the few leftists on this site truly is. The others are just wrong or trolls. It’s an outlet for the sickness deep down.

All of that is part of the troll angle to frustrate others with typing like a potato. It’s intentional and it works.

actually, no. trump did talk about stock market highs because he knew that libtards would be furious.