Why MAGAtards NOT Cheering Market RECORD HIGHS?

It’s not close pal. So you have to coupon shop today with the same Dow you could regular shop last year… good one.

NONSENSE! We SMARTLY Shopped the Weekly Ads Sales Last Year and all the Years Before it and so our personal INFLATION SITUATION has mostly remained STEADY

I LOVE STAYCATIONS TOO! I can WALK to Cafes, Restaurants, Food Markets, TOP NOTCH PARKS where I can people watch or READ A BOOK on a cozy bench…FRUGAL FINE DINNING at home just like this evening where we enjoyed a RIBEYE STEAK DINNER with side of TJ’s Bag of Gnocchi, and a Fancy $5 Grocery Outlet RedWine all for CHEAP!

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So the coupons are higher discount now then last year … got ya… thanks.

Now why should we have to seek out coupons now when we didn’t have to last year for today’s coupon price ? Have you actually ever shopped or are you just making this shit up ?

LOL maybe you should have been doing it LAST YEAR and ALL THE YEARS BEFORE IT just like us then you wouldn’t be CRYING about “Muh Inflation” because of SMART DOLLAR COST AVERAGE LIVING!

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Christ on a rubber crutch… today’s coupon price is last years regular price. I have shit to do, not clip coupons like you… Peg Bundy.

MAGAtards BUYS GUN$ and PELOTON$ with their TrumpCheck$ when weather’s good then CRY when it RAINS while the karasu’s bought a $5 JumpRope and SMARTLY saved for RAINY DAYS!

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LOL you don’t have a WOMAN for that? My GF ENJOYS coupon clicking!

Why do OG’ers respond to this? Imagine Raskal telling his boyfriend what he uses his free time for…

Raskal, “Check it Joe, I spend anytime I can posting on this forum to get people to respond to me and start arguments. Its so cool and I posted over 200 times today!”
Joe, “WTF are you talking about Raskal, you sound like a fucking mental loser, put my dick back into your mouth and shut the fuck up.”

Shouldn’t have to, just like families shouldn’t have to have both parents work… but they do have to to provide a life.

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There hasn’t been much new going on…just killing time.

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^^why are MAGAtards always playing VICTIM? People could choose to live more simple but they want those GUN$ and PELOTON$…what they really suffer from is THE CONSUMPTION FlimFlam Addiction!

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LOL I’m not the one maintaining MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS like most of the HATERS

@player101 was right … the cheese is old and moldy… Later

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Social security just received the biggest bump in 40 years because of inflation lol

This is what you voted for liberals

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Good for you…So are you really doing anything that’s value add and worthwhile?

Or are you essentially just moving rocks from one place to another, and getting paid good OT money from the gubernment?

^Yes he has value, same human value as you!

Dow jumps 380 points Friday, posts winning week after strong start to earnings season-------

Union pipefitter/ welder , union boilermaker . Building pipe spools for Microsoft now . Have worked on construction projects for power plants , oil refineries, paper mills , Boeing, Intel, google , Expedia, welding fuel lines at SeaTac airport and a retired Bering Sea crab fisherman on one of the top performers in the fleet . I’d tell you how much I’ll make when I retire , but it’s probably way more than your making right now . Now get back on your forklift and move some pallets around.

That’s great.

I am glad that you are getting paid and keeping your skills sharp.