Why MAGAtards NOT Cheering Market RECORD HIGHS?

That 70S Show Reaction GIF by Laff

4% Correction and $1.25 Dollar Store:

“Sky is Falling, End of the World”------MAGAtards


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That’s correct. You tell’em.

To make short term money in this market, you either need to be well connected or smart…So you should keep investing for the long term…as should most people.

If you have enough time to “buy your way out” then yes. This is a great opportunity

But the reality is the people with the most wealth aren those closest to retirement

If you had $2 million in an rsp or 401 k and thought you would buy an RV and travel for your retirement

And you look today and the 401k is down to $1.5 (at best)

and gas is $5/l. Maybe you rethink and don’t but the RV

that’s how recessions start

The retirees take their money out of the market and put somewhere “safe”. They need to draw from their account and don’t have income to be investing (on the sale that the market is on)

Dow jumps more than 200 points, S&P 500 rises as energy shares pop

Uh Oh! Things may not be looking good for America HATING MAGAtards… after a 4% market correction, “oh noes the sky is FALLING muh markets down 4%” looks like the world may be getting ready to CLIMB that WALL of WORRY and get back to BUSINESS as Usual?

China Stocks Rise as Easing Covid Outbreak Lifts Sentiment

  • CSI 300 Index up for second day as Shanghai virus cases fall

  • Shares also rise in Hong Kong; tech gauge snaps five-day loss


and 5 DATA of S&P500 shows we are UP 68.28% !!!


S&P 500



+1,626.28 5Y

Down 20%


correction. Here’s the ONE YEAR DATA:


S&P 500



-155.28 1Y

Down 939 for the day. Can biden hit 4 digits?!

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“Markets are only down 4% from the highs!” cries @theraskal

This kid is the dumbest cuck ever!

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that’s correct, here’s the DATA from GOOGLE FINANCE:


SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust



-17.39 1Year

Good INVESTING Opportunity…of course it could go lower but I’m not a MONEY LOSING MARKET CHASER GAMBLER like IamCLUCKhe and favor the SURE THING MATH of Compounding DIVIDENDS

This thread has not aged well

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^it has aged VERY WELL in EXPOSING the TREASONOUS NATURE of the America HATING MAGAtard

What does that even mean?

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^read the Thread Title and read the Thread Posts and you will observe it all playing out

This thread is nearly 1,000 posts, I’m not reading the whole thing so I can better understand your point of view when I consider you either wrong or trolling on just about everything.

“MARKETS don’t go up forever? Spent all muh TrumpCheck$ on more GUN$ and can’t buy the DIP$”-------FAUX CONservative MAGAtards

“This is a GREAT Opportunity to BUY LOW…Up/Down doesn’t matter I’m WINNING…Down STOCKS ON SALE BUY LOW…Up STOCKS Capital Appreciatiion…BIG WIN BOTH WAYS”-----REAL CONSERVATIVES

Now do liberals and progressives