Why MAGAtards NOT Cheering Market RECORD HIGHS?

^are you suggesting that GeoPolitics have no influence on the Global Financial Markets?

I’m suggesting that your pathetic attemps for responses are not relevant to the market.

^so you concede that you were wrong. I accept your apology :grin:

Dow rallies 400 points as investors cheer strong U.S. economic data, earnings

When I regain the 150K I’m down, I will admit defeat.

OBSERVE how the Market has been enjoying a RALLY and NOTE how all the above HATERS are now SILENT and of course NOT Loving USA and CHEERING the RALLY :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

400 !!! wow… only 3000 more to go.

Stocks rally to reverse two-day slide, surging on rosy earnings results and economic data

wingNUTery is the ENEMY of REAL CONSERVATIVE SMART Investing

The rebound in stocks since June looks more like a new bull market than a bear rally, according to Ned Davis Research

Well, that would really piss off the OG conservatives.

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Inanimate character wardrobe changes upset conservatives.

Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood says inflation will unravel faster than expected

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reffitt is an idiot. his daughter? apple doesnt fall far

Still down more than you have… keep cheering retard…

Lol. Rebound. Get ready for a crash of epic proportions. Banks will fail. It ain’t going to be pretty. Remember stock market under bush2.0 this is going to be way way way worse

Dow jumps 400 points, Nasdaq surges 2% as investors cheer lighter-than-expected inflation report


^Note that HEADLINE and it’s use of “CHEER” :rofl:

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History shows the bear market is almost over as length of most declines are typically 21% of the prior bull run, Fundstrat says

The stock market’s fear gauge is sinking to 4-month lows as risk appetite grows after inflation cooled in July