Why McGregor incites his opponents before fights

There is one single most important reason why McGregor plays mindgames and incites his opponents by belittling them before the fight. The reason is that he is a grandmaster of countering and timing.

Especially during weighins, you can notice certain fighters try to be friendly with their opponents in the hope that their opponent is too relaxed on fight night. 

McGregor does the exact opposite. He wants his opponent to be over confident due to an emotional response to his bullying. This forces his opponents into the exact positions that he wants during the fight.

This is also exactly why he possesses the ability to call fights and the round he expects them to end. He sees mental weakness in certain opponents prior to the fight and this allows him to project his opponent's positions before the fight ever happens.

He's basically playing 4th dimensional chess.


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4th dimensional chess?!?! Whoaaaaaaaa I've never ever heard that before to describe this exact thing!! Wooooooooow

yeah he explained this after his first fight against brimage


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