Why mma will not go mainstream

This sport will never go mainstream because you as the fans can't even agree on what you want to see.How are the promoters supposed to appeal to the casual fan when the hardcore fans can't agree on what they want?
Every day the same old arguments-

Cage/No Cage

Keep the 155 lb division,155 is boring

knees and elbows/ban kness and elbows

shorter rounds/no time limits

only top ranked fighters need to be on ppv/bring back style vs style

We argue about every single thing that goes on in this sport gets argues about.

How is mainstream America supposed to know what mma is about when you don't

I honestly don't believe it needs to be mainstream.

If the sport caters to the general public, it is catering to idiots.

Make them accept it as it is!

Like Eazy E said, "fuck crossing over to them, let them crossover to us."

Exactly, Bubba!

good point ferox. this weekend, i went to a show travis fulton put on in mason city here in iowa. when when the first fighter showed up in the ring wearing nothing but fight shorts, i heard laughs and giggles from the chicks behind me. they didnt know the purpose of fight shorts or a rash gaurd for that matter in fighting. im guessing the only people there who really knew what was going on was the cornermen, the fighters, and maybe 5% of the audience. i was actually explaining some of the stuff happening in the ring to the people beside me when i heard them bitch about "why is 'this or that' happening"

there is a paradox here...

while i want the sport to become mainstream without change, there will be change because most of the general public will cause it.

"To most ppl once it hits the ground they think it's boring as hell."

I come from a wrestling/bjj background and I find the majority of fights to be boring once they hit the ground

I find the closer it gets to mainstream, the less and less I like it.
You midwest boys got it down. I've always been a Fulton fan, and to me, that's fighting. I am sick of hearing "Well, he's lost his last two, he loses the next he actually should retire." it's fighting, MMA fighting, there are so many ways to win and lose, deep down it's still one fighter's style vs. another's style.
I read that book the Magnificent Scuffler's recently, about Vermont Collar and Elbow wrestlers, and it was cool, they were pretty much ready any time, any place, albiet it was wrestling.
I find striking somewhat boring, but the action all depends on the fighters in the fight. I hate G-n-P for the most part, but Fedor and others can make it exciting. I like Mino's ground game, although people are starting to catch on.
Miller, you don't like LWs. To me the DangerZone 135 tourney a few years back was awesome. And I'll always be on Rumina Sato's nutsack.
Militich was always boring to me, and when he held Mikey's tights the whole fight, standing, I thought no one will by this stuff again.

Fight shorts are a bit of a problem. Frankly,
a standardized uniform that looks better than speedos
would help. Also just decide on the whole shoes,
no shoes thing. Everytime I watch with new people
someone will raise the question "how come fighter
A can wear shoes? How come he's still kicking, I
thought shoes ment no kicking?"

People aren't that dumb, but they need consistancy.
Basketball and Football raise questions from new
viewers all the time, but the broadcasts educate, and
the rules are fairly consistant.

People see MMA and it's billed as a "real fight."
Then they start to wonder why all these things that
you can do in real fights are against the rules.

For example, my Dad is a huge fight fan. Shuai Chiao,
Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, and countless street fights
when he was younger. But
he can't stand MMA. It doesn't make sense to him that
the rules keep on shifting and that certain things
are illegal. I can't tell you how many times I've
had to explain about gouging, elbows and headbutts.

The sport lacks visual appeal, the promotions borrow
too heavily from tractor pulls and pro wrestling,
and the rules aren't explained clearly enough nor
enforced with enough consistancy. To top it off, the
commentators are more interested in banter than
real announcing.

I don't think it's the speedoes that are holding us back.If speedoes were an issue than we would be huge in frisco

ya but miller of course everyones oppinion varies. Some people think thir should be a college overtime rule in the NFL, so to let the other team get a chance to score. Some people think the overtime period in the NFL should just be an extension of the game, so if you end the 4th quarter tied, at the 30 yard line. You should start at the 30 in overtime...

just cuz peoples oppinion vary, it means that promoters should try to find the best rules to appeal to both fans and fighters