Why must Dana be so bitter?

Why does Dana hate Roy Nelson so much?

Is it because Roy took out his "big acquisition, Kimbo Slice" with little to no difficulty, by utilizing a smart strategy?

Is it because Roy admitted in an interview a few years ago that Joe Silva told him he wasn't the physical build the UFC was looking for?

Is it because he has a full head of hair, and yet mocks the bald by choosing to have such a bad hairstyle?

WHat shit doesn't smell?

Roy eats yo much cheese!

Dana just doesn't like the guy and that dislike is clouding his judgment about the guy a little.

Dana is acting like Roy used to bully him in junior high, and now that he's the president, watch out!

Dana's bias is getting a little ridiculous. He was all over Junk & Mitriones nuts about what bombs they were throwing when neither was throwing as hard as Wren & Nelson.

I was a fan of Dana & Rampage until this season of TUF but their douchieness is getting a little old.

 people that struggle with their weight generally aren't kind to other fatties-MM

Yeah, that was really frustrating. Dana was pissed Roy was "playing it safe" in the first fight, and then stood up and brawled with Wren for 10 minutes, and he still hates him. 

Man Dana's hate of him is getting old.