Why must evidence suck so bad

I am just starting to review Evidence for finals and I just felt like exclaiming my disdain. Hearsay sucks!! Thank you for listening. Good day

i couldn't agree with you more!! if you can get a hold of the BarBri review notes for evidence, it'll make hearsay much easier to deal with.
good luck.

I'm a dork. I always liked evidence.

Me too, TPK. I didn't have the courage to admit it, though, until you stepped up first.

My name's Steve72 and........I'm an evidenceaholic.

Thank you, TPK and ORD for setting an example.

*weeps openly*

*moves close to Steve72 in a show of support*

*fondles him*

*Makes out of court statement about own state of mind with regards to TPKs fondling*

*authenticates self proudly*

*admits (while out of court) to burning the RUSH albums and CDs, but does not offer the statement for the truth of the matter asserted*

*offers it, instead, to show why Lee72 went ballistic*

*Dies of shock upon hearing that someone does not appreciate Rush*

*Makes dying declaration that David Jacobs used margarine instead of butter on his fists*

*wonders if steve72 knew he was dying when he made that declaration*

*Knew he was dying, but spontaneously recovers after making statement*

Evidence isn't that bad.

Just pay extra attention on hearsay, character evidence and witness impeachment.

Then, you'd be fine. Also if you have law clerked in judicial branch or watched a ton of legal movies, then it also helps.