Why my girlfriend is cool.

We were looking at the latest C&D this morning at breakfast. She liked the new mustang and said the gauges look like the old ones. She then says she has always wanted a red '69 mustang with black stripes. (We have sammy haggar's gt500 at the casino right now)

I told her about my '69 that I bought for $2000 and then later sold (after a few mods) when I moved to tahoe. She told me not to even talk about that.

I then said as long as we're talking about red with black stripes I've always wanted one of these:

Her response? "Oh my god, yes! Lets get one of those!" I mean she was genuinely excited. Since we're probably moving to vegas (no snow!) in a few months and will have more disposeable income...... I see this in my future. ;)

I'm not set on a genuine SS ($$) as this will be for fun and not collectability. Anyone know about clones and what to look for?

yup, get one that has lots of bondo.


Some of the best cars ever built, there. Even the ones that have been abused don't squeek or rattle. Non SS, no big deal. The difference is in badging and a few other minor details. If you're going to play with it anyway, who cares?