Why no backup refs?

Today's Miami/New Orleans game is the second where a ref had to leave. Why don't they have a backup ref ready to go? It's the playoffs and not like they have 10-12 games a day. Stupid shit

(edited cause i typed miana instead of miami, i'm a retard)

LOL, its easy, the NBA is a cheap ass league. Pay all the players but no one else. I might understand during the regular season not having an extra ref but not in the playoffs.

Just bullshit. My buddy does the shot clock for the Warriors games and gets like $40 a game, WTF, they are billion dollar organization, stop being cheap

Exactly, it's not a big deal during the regular season but there are so few games right now and they are all incredibly important and all won't be reffed properly. What a bunch of fargin iceholes. Gonna have to find Stern's home addy and throw a lit bag of dogshit on his doorstep

what does that work out to? 15$/hour? that is cheap but you must realize that lots of people would want that job. shit, i would do it for free

Slash - yeah thats about right but again its the NBA. Its also an important job and should be paid accordingly. If it was just an easy job to fill the they could get anyone but they don't do that. But my buddy is like you, he wants to watch the game more than the money, thats just not me but he enjoys it

He is waiting for the warriors to play playoff games, the pay jumps up a lot

Tell him not to hold his breath.


"Today's Miami/New Orleans game is the second where a ref had to leave."

This was the third game of the playoffs that a ref had to leave. I happend twice during the Rockets/Lakers series.

The league said that they would look it over, but changes probably would not be made to the format. The original rules call for 2 refs, the 3rd is just gravy.