Why no BJM at UFC 70?

Is there any reason that BJM did not referee at UFC 70? No dispect to the other referees, but as I was there I would have loved to have seen him. I remember reading that Marc Ratner was in charge of organising all officials for the event because there is no MMA regulator/sanctioning body here.

he was probably not allowed into England.

Good question.

i remember reading that he wasnt gonna be there, i forget what the reason was

couldn't get a visa with his long criminal record.

No title fights?

I understand there were no title fights. But since the UFC is attempting to enter the European market, surely such recognisable faces and big names as BJM should have been there? I think it was the single biggest difference to a US event.

bjm is still an active member of the LAPD, so maybe he just wasn't practical for him to take off that much time from the lapd to go to england, when there weren't any title fights at all

It doesn't matter why he wasn't there lets just try and make it a habit.


Big John McCarthy is the best in the business, period.

I guess it has to be a fact after all big text was used..

I don't know where these posts are coming from April fools is over.