Why no blood?

One thing that I have noticed is that I didnt see any blood from Franklins obviously broken nose. I have seen a few broken noses and all were gushing immediately. I have only seen a few but thought it was wierd.

florian didnt bleed from 100 sherk elbows, cote didnt bleed from 100 tito elbows...

some guys dont like to bleed

I agree that some do seem to have thicker skin but usually alot of blood comes out of the nose, at least from the broken noses I have seen.

Xyience imo

Moke took the word right out of my mouth (as I take a sip of Xyience)

I believe it has to do with how close the blood vessels are to the surface. I used to get frequent nosebleeds and went to the doctor who said they were so close to the surface that they are easily ruptured. He also said it can be fixed with cauterization.

Not sure if that is the case with fighters, just a suggestion.

Ive had my nose broken 4 times.

The second one was really really bad, actually had little shards of bone coming out with the blood.

Its been broken twice since then, and never leaked a drop.

I know a few people as well, that after they have had a really bad break, never had a nosebleed again.

It is simple. No one makes him bleed his own blood!!! No ONE!!!

However, I wouldn't suggest breaking your nose really bad to reduce your chances of getting a bloody nose.