Why no coverage of EFN?

 I attended Elite Fight Night yesterday in Penrith RSL last night because a friend was fighting. If my friend didn't invite me I wouldn't even know. Why is there no coverage before or after on the show? I would think that local MMA shows would need all the coverage that would be available.

Just a few thoughts about the show. Half the matches are boxing. I'm from a kickboxing background but I thought this was going to be a MMA show. I'm ok with the 1 or 2 boxing matches but that was way too much. There was only 4 - 5 mma matches in there which were too little I think. There was only 1 kickboxing match which was a disappointment. It was billed as a K1 rules East Coast title match. I actually found this one interesting. Did the sanctioning body get around the trademark by deliberately calling it K1 instead of K-1? Or was there a typo? Or do they actually licensed by K-1 to hold K-1 rules matches? Btw I can't recall the sanctioning bidy for the K1 rules match ever been mentioned. Also seemed one party was not clear what K-1 rules meant as the ref had to explain mid fight that even clinch with two hands for one knee and release is illegal.

The head gear rule is ridiculous. Some gyms were using what I thought was rugby head gear while others were using sparring head gear. The sparring head gear had to be continually adjusted. I would have thought the promoter should provide a standard head gear for both parties to use. I found it stupid that amateur boxing and kickboxing had to wear head gear but the amateur MMA didn't? How does that work??

In the boxing matches, some of the fighters were from muay thai gyms and were using running shoes! LMAO! Is that legit for a boxing match?

The prices were too dear! Again if I didn't have a friend attending I wouldn't pay for it. $55 for a standing ticket and $75 for a seat.

I've never heard of half the gyms there. Just curious why there were no fighters from Lions Den, Boxing Works, SPMA or any of the other gyms one would think of for mma?

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