Why no entrances in strikeforce?

 guess it's a time thing?

you got the poor man's Genki Sudo.

Because it is free on CBS and they have to limit the time spend on air - also no interviews besides Fedor and Brett Rogers.

 What I really want to know is where I can watch the pre-lims!

 Time constraints.

They showed the Mayhem / Shields intros.  Then when that fight went 5 rounds they were already @ the 1 hour 45 min mark on a 2 hour time slight.  As it was they went over 25 minutes.

Had we seen some quick 1 round fights, I'm sure we would have seen more entrances.

thay couldn't even manage to fit the four fights in on time, you think they could manage entrances

streaming commercials generate revenue for CBS and strikeforce. Entrances do not

they sold the entrance time for commercials