Why no Hallman vs Hughes???

On mmaweekly radio the other day, Ryan Bennett asked Dana White if we will see a Hallman vs Hughes 3. Dana said that Hallman would have to come to the UFC and win a couple first. To me that says there probably won't be a Hallman vs Hughes 3.

Why not just have Matt Hughes fight Dennis Hallman right away? There missing out on a good story line. Frank Trigg never fought in the UFC before and that fight was pretty hyped on smack talk alone. We all know Hallman can talk the smack and with him having two wins over the unstoppable Hughes, this fight sells itself.

Peter P


Dana White never makes sense.

What story line? That over 5 & 3 years ago Hallman won? That story is a little old don't you think? In his most recent fights he's 3-2-2. Not exactly impressive stuff. He drew with Taylor that was 1-2 but couldn't beat him(draw), Olson was 3-3. Irvine was 1-2.Those guys weren't very good at all and he only managed to beat 3 out of the 7, that's not good. THat's not title contener stuff. He needs to win fihgt to get title shots. It's as simple as that. If he wore the right cup agaisnt Trigg maybe he could have won that fight and got his title shot. How many years are we going ot live in teh past with this guy? 5 years ago he did this and that etc.. GReat, what has he done latlely? THat's what counts.

You'd think Hughes would be chomping at the bit to get a piece of Hallman. Perhaps Pulver breaking his jaw satisfied Matt. I think it would be a great fight and it has the history to generate fan interest.

Hallman for some reason is unable to put together a string of wins long enough to get his shot at the UFC.

in his last 7 fights he's gone 3-2-2.

He's way more than good enough to be there, he just need to put it all together.

Trigg didn't have to "come to the UFC and win a few".

Whoever said Hallman fights to the level of his opponents is correct. Hallman seems to have trouble motivating himself against the lower tier guys. Interestingly, he always does better against top level competition. He just recently choked out Ray Cooper easily (which cascagrossa conveniently failed to mention).

Who else is there to fight Hughes?

Bring in Hallman. It doesn't matter how long ago the fights were. The fact is, two of the three losses on Hughes' record are because of Hallman, in a combined time of 37 seconds. It sure seems like Hallman has his number.

I'm surprised Hughes isn't begging to get another chance at this guy. After his Sherk fight, he basically called out Trigg. You would think that he could get this match made if he wanted it. Who else is the UFC going to throw at him after he mauls BJ?

Ide like to see a re-match between Ray Cooper and Dennis Hallman.

Hallman threw a kick that Cooper blocked with his elbow and it resulted in a broken arm. Kinda hard to defend the guillotine with a broken arm lol.

I think Hallman would more than likley submit Cooper again, but I would just like to see him get his chance.

on a side note, I think the UFC should take up on my idea and sign Hallman vs Parisyan (if Parisyan gets past St-Pierre)

That imho would be one of the sickest fights in UFC history.

They could market this fight really well. Show clips of Hughes dominating and say something about him being unstoppable. Cut to clip of Hallman submitting Hughes. Show some smack talk which would come across pretty sincere.

The thing is if Hallman even had to win one fight in the UFC there would be a 50/50 chance of this fight happening. Hallman would probably even be the underdog if he fough someone like Parisyan. That could ruin the chance of this fight ever happening. It just makes sense to have Hallman come in and fight Hughes right away. This fight sells itself.

Peter P

i'd love to see hallman back in the UFC...hopefully zuffa will bring him back at some point this year.

I can think of other guys I'd rather see fight in the UFC other than Hallman. But, I can't think of many guys I'd rather see fight Hughes at 170.

Peter P

If they won't let me fight Matt then Dana should let me fight Trigg. But then again like the all knowing and Im sure all star MMA fight expert cascagrossa says my wins over Hughes are 5 and 3 years ago. Well cascagrossa the only reason its been so long since I beat Hughes is because The UFC hasn't signed me to fight the guy again.


Hey Dennis, it's nice to have you posting here. When is your next fight scheduled and against who? I think it makes sense to have you fight Matt while they build up guys like Karo, Diaz, etc. And I don't know if anyone wants to see Hughes fight Newton again anytime soon.

Peter P

This fight must happen! ASAFP! As soon as Hughes slam KO's Penn, Hallman should be next. Period.

Assuming Hughes defeats BJ, there is no other logical opponent for Hughes other than Hallman.