Why no interm hw talk

Who we gonna see go at it for the pretend belt.

Junior vs verdum

Verdum vs Barnett if he wins against Browne

What say thee oh butthurt ones Phone Post 3.0

IhaveDSL'SforPettis - No way JDS...he would more that likely get the "fake" belt, the we would eventually see another rematch with Cain. Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

Jesus KO'd stayrad - Because Cain is the champ. He's not been out for 6 months yet Dana said interim belts fights come about the year mark didn't he ? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, they also said that Cain should be back in late 2014 though, so it may be a year by the time he is back. 

I just wouldn't want to see JDS win the interim belt and then have to get punished by Cain again. I like the guy too much to see him take another brutal beating.