Why no K1 Max talk?

Why is there no talk about the premier kickboxing show in the world in a kickboxing forum when it's happenning next Monday 4th Sept?? Shame on you guys.


I made a thread awhile ago but it disappeared fast due to lack of response.

I don't have time atm to offer my picks and why, but let's get a discussion going :) .

and the rest of us are lazy

Well I found the the old thread and brought it back up. Cmon guys lets start talking huh? :)

the card seems a little underwhelming. why don't they have more quality matchups instead of saving them all for the gp ?

I guess they're trying to introduce newer fighters and hopefully try and find the next Japanese K1 Max superstar. I can't see Masato regaining his form in 2003.

I spoke to Ian Schaffa last week about his fight, a short interview i did over msn


Downloading too :)

Agreed, pretty good fights. Should we make a new thread to discuss results?

Ryukyu Damashi and maybe Pisand?, if you guys are planning to post match clips maybe we can coordinate? I just got the hang of converting vob files to xvid or divx :).

Autogk. I'm guessing after converting to xvid I can then use windows movie maker to split it into smaller files.