Why No Kickboxing Database????

Sherdog and FcFighter have MMA fight databases.

Boxing has BoxRec for records..

My question is where can I find a kickboxing database? Or why cant I find one.. KOsherdog tried and I remember a rinkydink site a couple years ago had alot of the k-1 fights listed.

If there is one where, if not someone needs to start one.

i think the number of kickboxing sanctioning bodies would make that kind of database hard to maintain. kickboxing seems like the most divided combat sport there is.

man wtf is up with the k-1.de database.. they list Hayato as a UFC WW champ :


Sherdog had a knockouts fighfinder but it was never updated. I wonder if that is still going on.

"but then in Kickboxing you have different rules...it is a mess."

i was thinking that too. semi-contact, full-contact, international rules, muay thai, k-1 style, san shou/sanda, savate...what else?

^^And shootboxing, Asian (read japanese) rules, Gloved karate and Kyuk Too Ki(korean kickboxing) just to mention a few others.

But that is not really a problem. I mean look t MMA, there is not exactly a shortage of different set of rules there either.

The problem is more on a organizational level, that there are too many organizations that dont acknowledge each other. And that almost none have individual databases that someone interested could merge to form a unified one.

thanks BUTE

But there were other shows like the k-2 or TITANS that are not listed..

I was curious about thai fighters and all of Ernesto Hoost fights?


Kickboxing has been around along time and back in the day there was no one place to report your record. I had 3 pro fights in 1981 in 3 different promotions and each of them recorded their own records. The only way a promotor knew your full record was what you filled in on the promotors fight application.

No computers back then either so someone would have to contact each promotion/organization, ex. wka, pka, and get them to release there database, or find archived newspapers because pro fights had to be posted in the newspaper because of the gambling commission.

I'm sure there's a database out there somewhere on current fights but you'll never get a complete database for kickboxing.

Also, you guys are right, each promotion had there own rules back then, some required foot & shin pads, some required 16oz gloves, others 12oz. There was full contact, semi contact, some allowed leg kicks, and some didn't.