Why no Lauzon in UFC?

I see some Guy that is 10-8 listed on the Card for UFC 70. Why does this Guy (no Offense if he's an Uger!) get a Shot and no Joe Lauzon after he beats one of the Greats of the Sport?

Dana hoping People will forget that Fight and that he'll go away?

Who is this Lauzon???

What's TUF and why are there 5 of them?

What's the UFC?

What does MMA stand for?

What ever happend to Bruce Lee?

Why are my balls itchy?

I am sure Joe could have fought in more UFC's, but he most likely felt that he would benefit more from the exposure the TV show would provide. Look what the show did for guys like Leben. Joe probably thinks he can win the show, as well. So it is a win/win for him. You know they are going to push the angle that he beat one of the coaches.

UJ, haven't been on that much, but why TUF 5 and not the big Show? Hasn't he proven himself?

The evil UFC forced him to do TUF, that's why. Joe had no say in the matter whatsoever. They also physically and emotionally abused him in the house and at the training center. And they forced him to renegotiate his contract for $500 a fight and get XYIENCE tattooed on his neck.

i just hope bj gets joe

TUF is excellent exposure for J-Lau...I don't see it as a demotion but rather an excellent chance for his fans to get to know him more.