Why no MMA schools on this list?


1st Detroit Martial Arts Institute
2nd Ambrose Academy
3rd School of Martial Arts USA
4th PKSA Karate
5th New Edge Martial Arts, LLC

I've been to 3 and 4. 4 is near my house. It's one of the most successful black belt factories in the area. Can't argue with the owner's paycheck though.

3 used to have a Jujitsu instructor who claimed allegiance to a Chicago BJJ Gracie school. I called him on it after watching one of his classes and realized that he was wearing his Japanese JJ BB and letting students believe he had it in BJJ. School is also a BB factory.

Once these schools' students turn 18, they'll need to be introduced to our world. These are the best places to guerilla market.

Anyone going to that mma show at Meadowbrook next weekend?


Because Combat Sport and Fitness is So damn good we felt that to be listed too would be unfair and lopsided in our favior

Ps hope you had a good weekend!