why no penn vs hughes 2 threads?

i didnt watch tuf until 2nite

i saw the comm 4 bj vs matt at ufc 62

why are there not like a million threads hypin it?

or saying gsp got robbed?

i hope bj is in shape cus matt will not take him lightly this time

Cause everyone knows they both are shit in the grand scheme of t hings.

Teach me how to get back on to Sherdog!@

tell them i called you a kkm and to f off!:)


why would anybody say GSP got robbed?

sorry, i meant robbed of the fight

but he is injured right?

yep, so they found what I would consider the best possible replacement. I'm sure GSP will get a shot at the winner once he's healthy.

bj will probably beat hughes pretty easily......i hope i don't eat my words, cuz i'm not the biggest hughes fan.



Just wait until the fight actually happens. Afterwards all the bj fans will start bitching about something.

cause everyone knows Matt is going to destroy BJ in about 30 seconds. Not much point in getting excited about that.

bj won!

cuz its no discussion..Bj will win!

its this weekend fuckers!

Things have been quite about it, didn't even realise it was this weekend. Hopefully its on free tv again here in the UK :)

plasters thread w/flyers