Why no Tait threads?

Seriously guys can we put these on the TUF forum. I haven't seen any of the TUF 3 yet because I am in Mexico where they are still showing season one.

I do however know the result of all the fights before I have had a chance to see them. It also pushes out the posts about other MMA related stuff.

Yeah, in theory it would be nice for you, but I'm afraid that it doesn't really fit the "wait until the event is shown" premise that applies to Pride delayed events in the US.

I agree that it would be nice if ALL TUF related threads were on that forum, but it just won't happen. The most recent TUF is right at the top of the topic list, so keeping it off the main forum just won't be practical.


Thanks for the appology. Is that on behalf of the whole UG?

BTW, I freely admit that if I had seen TUF 3 I would be posting so it is just me being jealous (sp?) the most annoying thing is I have the first 4 episodes on my pc but it is shot and won't play video at the mo

You need a pipeline brotha....

$8 per Episode....

Take it or leave it buddy......



"Thanks for the apology. Is that on behalf of the whole UG?"

Aw Hell NO! There is no apologizing for this crew.

I was apologizing for myself as a moderator not being able to grant your wish.

cool and the gang. I'm braced for tomorrows flood of posts.

Tait who?