Why Not Cro-Cop Replace Wanderlei?

Much more interesting than a repeat of the Cro-Cop Waterman fight we just saw. Imagine the fireworks of CroCop coming off defeat fighting Kondo who's been preparing for Silva!

Kondo would not be a walk in the park for Mirko. He's faced a lot of good standup guys including two fights wiht Schilt. And I thought Schilt beat Hoost, BTW

"lol at Kondo vs Cro Cop - No more Kondo head "

Look at Kondo's record on sherdog.com. He extended Josh Barnett to the end of the third round just a few months ago and has fought many good HW's. I wouldn't count him out so quickly - he an an unorthodox fighter with a variety of weapons and experience.

Cro would hospitalize him.

cause DSE would fear that Kondo would lose and if Mirko did beat Yuki, it would definitly hurt he hype for Silva/Kondo when it does happen.

I do not like when they match opponents from diffeent weight classes. Kondo may do well. He is capable of tapping Mirko. But physically he is at a great disadvantage.

I want fighters to be evenly matched. Mirko would be such a heavy favorite. what would he have to gain by taking the fight?

Kondo needs to continue training for Vanderlai and not take another fight. I'm dying to see these two go at it and Mirko would definately screw that up.

Kondo has never been Ko'd while Cro Cop has been ko'd by Randleman...

nuff said!

Kondo by whatever he wants....


Half of Kondo's fights were old Pancrase rules with open hand strikes. Not saying he doesn't have a chin, just making a point.

Henderson vs Kondo is the match I would love to see.