why not more jumping to guard?

Why don't you see more jumping to guard from the clinch?

Am I crazy? It seems like you see plenty of FLOPPING to guard, where one guy goes down and the other guy is nowhere near him. But why not from a tied up position, so that the opponent has to come to the guard with you?

Royce/Hughes has me thinking about this.

in a grappling match that seems like a good idea, but in an mma fight jumping gaurd seems like a good way to get blasted in the face

but if you were someone like Royce... you're better off on your back, right?

I guess it is a jump to closed guard VS flop on your ass, get kicked in the leg, then made to stand up type of question.

Noguiera has done a lot of flopping... and he's pretty badass so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about... maybe it is harder than I think to get someone to follow you down.

Top position means a lot if the fight goes to decision.

If the other fighter just wants to stand back up, it's
near-impossible to get anything done from your guard
it seems. Bustamente tried that tactic against Quentin
Jackson. The guy on top just waits until the bottom
guy opens his guard, then postures up and backs out.

  1. Because it is LAME.

It's been frowned upon for years... Which is just occasionally annoying.

If a dude wants to sprawl and brawl and bore everyone to tears, then a grappler should be able to do the same and pull guard.

Better than watching sloppy punches and kicks for a whole round.

Classic example is Horn V Chuck. He should have pulled guard when he was fresh and AT LEAST make Chuck work.

Cause its a GREAT way to get dumped on your HEAD!!!