Why not One Wolrd Government?

Hey guys, I was having a conversation with my girlfriend and she asked me: "What was the main goal of the Illuminati again?" and I said: "To establish a One World Governmnet."

Then she asked me: "So why is a One World Government so bad?" and I couldn't really think of a reason. Maybe having a One World Government could bring nations together?

"A one world government will NEVER agree on laws"

What's to agree on if there is only the one government? I don't see it happening until most of the world has become Americanized but it will happen some day.

When you think about dumb the average person is the Illuminaty system of a small group of enlightened people leading the morons makes sense.

The pyramid structure of power is a natural thing and shouldn't be fought against IMO.

NinjaNate I thought the same thing.

But then I realized , we assume it would be an Americanized world gov. But what if "we" didnt like the new gov's laws ??? What if the freedom we are acustom to was taken away ??

Imagine Hitler , Saddam ect in power over everyone, what do you think about that??

Who would you complain to, how would you attempt to fight back?


absolute power corrupts absolutely

When that One World Government will be used to reduce us all to a class of worker drones, while the elite live like kings and rule us, I dont think it's such a great idea.

If it was all about unity and peace and shit, a One World govt might be OK. The fact is that it's real aim is to bring in a new quasi fascist-communist police state where the ruling elite are still capitalists but they control a socialist like society where we are all slaves to them.

China is actually the role model for the One World Govt. Population control, police state, no civil rights.....it's been that way in China for decades. Once the US economy crashes, the NWO will kick it into high gear.

ps. It is said that most the US's debt is owed to China  : O

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V for Vendetta!!!!!

People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of the people!!!

Redneck has convinced me to join the CORRECT, whilst implanting heirarcies into it with no social mobility.

"When that One World Government will be used to reduce us all to a class of worker drones, while the elite live like kings and rule us, I dont think it's such a great idea."

Thats EXACTLY how it ALREADY is!! Bill Gates and Donald Trump rule on high, the masses work in Mcdonalds or some office.

One world government has advantages and disadvantages.
There are essentially 3 types of people making up the masses (this is a generalisation, but it will serve this purpose). Systems of control affect the 3 differently.

First type, I suppose, Criminals. I mean real low life nasty scumbag fucks! Rules will be in place that control them and stop them killing your family to steal your shit, killing you and raping your girlfriend, well, those are some good rules!!
In this case, totalitarian politics are quite cool! I mean, we have tons of imposing laws NOW, but these fuckers mess with people everywhere.

Second type, sheep. They are pretty much clueless, unless they are led to something and tiold what to do, they are lost! Absolutely cannot think for themselves, have zero confidence in their own abilities and need to be put in place A and told to do job B.
NWO, much like the current system, is an advantage to these guys! They are at their best as drones, if the One World Government creates jobs for them, it's an advantage.

Third type, feethinkers. I think if you read this, you probably fit into this category, but hey, it's freeTHINKER, it doesn't mean you are smart, gifted, it doesn't mean that you are going to do shit about it (generally you'll just get a job at the same place as the sheep and just bitch about how you should have it better while they get uncomfortable with your iconoclastic attitude). Also, it doesn't mean your ideas are even CORRECT!! it just means you came up with them by investigating alternatives and not accepting what is fed to you through official channels.

The one world government is seen as a bad thing by people of this disposition, too much centralised power, too much power for enforcement that is unchallenged. But I bet every penny I have that every free thinker would sell out to it if offered a cushy position of power, wealth and authority! (Sure, you'd like to think of yourself as 'special', like Luke Skywalker, or Neo or something, but that's inflated, almost dangerous, sense of self importance and ego masturbation).

I feel personally, the real danger of it is the orwellian police state that seems the logical progression. It's good at first because criminals disappear, and you feel safe in ways you never did before. But once they are gone what happens? Are those who were previously kept in check by criminals just going to fill their shoes? Or in the absense of real criminals, will the minor indiscretions of the rest of us now be considered seriously criminal?
Also, on censorship, what one person finds offensive, others may not. This is a problem we face now. Individuals deciding what the masses can and can't deal with.

It comes down to balance, how much is too much? who watches the watchers? Who polices the police? Are laws passed without dispute or is there still democratic process?

I think there are clues in our current model that paint an optimistic picture for a single world government, it revolves around the notion of countries having some individual leadership still, but otherwise governed as a whole. America has plenty of examples of why this could work, (I'm English btw), Governments often pass laws that individual states refute.

I'm just gonna stop now because I've FRAT'd

Having one phone company SOUNDS like a good idea. Having one cable company SOUNDS like a good idea.

But is it?

There are ways to be free even while imprisoned. Until people conquer fear there will always be fear.
Fear is the ruler of the world, but people must realize, when you conquer fear you conquer the world.

I don't watch star trek. It's more of a Zen thing.

Join the dark side and you will have the power you could ever want

"People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of the people"