why not Rampage vs. The Natural

I think pride should make this fight happen both are balls out fighters and ready to bring it.

That would be a helluva fight.

No way does Randy beat Ramp easily, no way does anyone beat him easily for that matter...

Rampage has comparible strength to Randy, Randleman couldnt take him down, he has better striking, and submissions will not be a factor.

Either Randy clinches and takes Rampage down for a GnP stoppage/decision, or it looks like Ramp/Chuck with Rampage kicking ass until he works a takedown and finishes with the GnP.

Great match up IMO

The only way it will happen is in the UFC. Pride has yet to live up to their word and send Sak and Fujita to fight in the UFC so its doubtful any UFC fighter will be going to Japan, especially one of the top guys like Couture.

Old Man Strength


Ghetto Strength

Shit man, now you got me all excited!

Thats one I'd love to see. I think Rampage may be one of the few fighters that can put Couture on his back. He's strong enough and his Wrestling skills are so good. Plus, he can out strike Couture, which leads to Rampage beating Couture. After seeing Randleman put Couture down at will, I don't see Couture able to stop Rampage from taking him down and pounding out a win. And with Couture basically having no way of not only getting Rampage off, or submitting him, I don't see Couture doing much. Bad match up for Couture. Rampage has better hands then Tito and better take down defense. If Tito and Rampage ever fell out, and they were matched up, Tito gets KO'd.

lol - no way Rampage whoops on Randy like that,it would be a competitive fight but i see Randy pushing the pace and making QJ gas out after 10-15 minutes.

"And with Couture basically having no way of not only getting Rampage off, or submitting him, I don't see Couture doing much."

LMAO! You can't be serious!

I think Randy would take Rampage down quite a few times in a fight...

Damn! Why have I not thought of this match up before. *shakes head* This would be good. No WAY anybody has an easy time in here. (Randy by submission in 2nd)

would be an incredible fight no doubt. No way would it be an easy win for either guy. I'd hate to see this fight, only because I'd hate to see one of them lose.

whoever wins Randy/Vitor = #1 imo

I would love to see this. Randy is better in skill, Rampage in strength. I think it would be a pretty even matchup. Cultural differnces aside (Rampage's propensity to say "fuck" alot), they are both very respetful, classy, fighters and I would hate to see either one lose or get hurt though.

A competive match up but anyone who thinks Randy couldn't take Rampage down is smokin some good shite. Tito was big and strong and was never taken down and Randy made him look like a beginner wrestler.

It would be a great match but I'd bet on the old dog to win.

Great matchup

Great fight. But should it be a cage or ring match?

Incredible fight for sure!!

Anybody that bets against Randy at this point in his LHW career will need thier head examined.

Rampage is a guy that would be a hard fight for anyone. He has good wrestling, good hands, and can pretty much slam his way out of most submission. That said, nobody has stuffed his head in a fence yet and that is what would happen againt The Natural.

That's why it's a great fight. Both are awesome wrestlers, solid chin, can trade, and have pure balls.

First guy to his back loses.