Why not rashad Anderson?

This is blowing my mind? Tho I'm happy stephan got the big fight he wanted. I don't know how much casual audience will take to this. But I hope bonnar wins Phone Post

Good question.

Silva knows he needs to train more for Evans Phone Post

This is an eay match for anderson to accept. Might be a stretch to get him to fight hashad under these circumstances. Phone Post

I would have much rather seen Rashad vs Anderson. That's actually a good fight, imo.

I would mainly rather see anyone besides Bonnar.

Definatly wish it was someone higher up the food chain. Forrest can take a beating and we all know how that went. Maybe bonnars chin will be better. But ge doesn't have much for Anderson. Love him though Phone Post

^When in Brazil, bet on Brazilians.

It's a side show fight...rashad poses too much risk to Anderson and since the GSP silva talks are becoming more of a reality, they prob don't want him possibly losing and screwing up a cowboys stadium super fight. Phone Post

I get it but damn rashad vs Anderson would rule. Or shogun Phone Post