why not Terrell in UFC

He would be a great addition to the 185lbs class.His subs are world class and his stand-up is very good.You can ask Yuki Sasaki if you dont believe me.


Terrell might be the only one that people percieve to be more of a headcase than Vitor

What MJ is saying is the truth,I know for a fact. I was at the event.It was the IFC`s Warriors Challenge 14.

Terrell will dominate the 185lb weight class. I saw the look in his eyes after he smashed Sasaki and he is focused. I could hear the war drums in the backround. His heads on straight, and everyone willunderstand soon enough. Mark my words!!!!!!

lol @ mj and roll2win.I am not saying that leaving a fight is a good idea but unless you know the whole situation.Quit beating a dead fucking horse.Roll2win if you think he is such head case then cowboy the fuck up and roll with him.He deserves his shot.He has beaten some of the best and has proven his stand up is solid.What does zuffa have to lose.Considering some of the total ass hats they give contracts to.




Why isn't Horn in the UFC anyway? With UFC's love of MFS and Horn's willingness to fight anybody in any event, you'd think this would be a no-brainer.