Why Nova instead of R. Gracie

I keep reading about how Bj made a good decision by leaving Ralphs academy and moving over too Nova Uniao. Why is that? Whats the difference? I hear that Ralph is an awesome teacher. People are also talking how Ralph is the only star in his school. Who knows cause Ive also heard alot of people say that Ralph is a really nice guy. No matter which way you look at it Bj is an exceptional athlete with alot of good years ahead of him. I was just intrested to know why people were saying these things.

BJ's from Hawaii. Nova Uniao was in hawaii. So he gets best of both worlds, close to home and great training.

i haven't heard any smack talk. maybe you are hanging out w/ haters.

I thought he moved to Vegas to live and train at Nova Uniao. He didnt leave Ralphs to go back to Hawaii.

So is Renato Verrisimo BJ Penn's teacher now or before Ralph?

BJ Penn has his own MMA team now called "BJ Penn'
s MMA"

Nova Uniao sounds good when it rolls off the tongue. Ralph's sounds like a phlegm build up.

"i think there are a lot more good black belts, like mundial class black belts, with nova."


right..because we all know Gracie Barra have no mundial champions..

Chill out. He's not knocking Gracie Barra. But in reality, Nova would be a much better choice than Barra for BJ, since Nova is known to have the best lightweight fighters in the world.

LOL@"R. Gracie", couldn't that be almost any Gracie?


Buddie has the rorrect.

I read that as Relson in Hawaii. But why ask why?