Why NY strip so cheap?

At my local HEB, a prime strip is 12.99 per lb. Ribeye is 19.99 per pound.

used to, a year or so ago, they were generally the same price. but the stip has been slowly coming down in price.

why? have eating habits changed and people now prefer ribeyes, leaving a glut of strip?


Because you purchased it on your WFA card and got a discount?

??? no, no discount

Prime strip is over $20 at my local wfa. Get that shit

I clickes thinking it was a thread about New York Strip Clubs

In for shit storm of WFA references lol

Yo Slice!!! Hey man, are you fucking dumb? 


What da fuck do steak have to do wit da MMA? 


It’s like you’re trying to grill in the backyard during a hurricane, it just didn’t work out.  


Better luck next time, and keep that shit medium rare and in the RFA dumb dumb!


Wrong kind of meathead wfa

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Strip steak is expensive yo

Steaks is mad meaty son