why were you seen walking around the judges when they were scoring the guida /tyson fight???????i had a TON of respect for you AND this sport until i saw what i saw!!!after seeing that fight and seeing the decision, i see that the ufc is leaning toward the world of DIRTY MONEY GRABBING FILTH AT THE EXPENSE OF INNOCENT HARDWORKING FIGHTERS WHO ARE TRYING TO MAKE AN HONEST LIVING!!!YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!



lol....Get real, the guy that has shown THE MOST integrity in this sport..you REALLY think he'd want someone he trains with getting a victory like that? Or even think he'd want to sway the judges...c'mon now get real

^sure,tuf season1,he should hav kicked off leben for dicking around instead he kicked off chris sanford.

"Get real, the guy that has shown THE MOST integrity in this sport.."

not true IMO. there are tons of guys in MMA who have done the right thing over and over and never said anything about it. Couture even admits he was being a dick to a lot of people recently when he had his mid life crisis man.

the "on camera" personality is always a bit different from the real one.... that being said i find it hard to believe randy would do such a thing....

even if he did, the judges should be strong minded enough to make their own decisions or they shouldn't be judges in the first place (or did you mean he "blocked" their view or something?) i didn't see it.

yes you are right, the judges should be strong enough not to be intimidated, but you never know..again i would hate to see after all of the time it took to fuckin gain the respect for this sport, that dirty shit brings this sport to a low level!!look we live with two fighters, and to see them train EVERYDAY, sacrifice everything and sooooo dedicate themselves wholeheartidly to this sport, and to see crooked shit happen ing...IT SUCKS!!!

Money makes the world go round, and can change even the best of people. Don't believe the idea to be too farfetched.

You should cut your fingers off before you talk about Randy Couture again like that. That way the next time you try and post you will be reminded how you should think before you do so.

hey buddy i love randy couture, but we all do shit we should not do....it would break my heart if my feeling prove right. believe me when i say that.

i was raised to be honest, play fair, be respectful. i guess my parents didn't know what the hell they were doing!!!

Seriously, is every one of your 211 posts about either this decision or the Guida/Din decision? Mama Guida, is that you?

Well, I have a "feeling" you're the one who should be ashamed.

Seriously, you have a "feeling" about a decision from the judges and you blame Couture?

I'm calling for your fingers.

i know when i go to bed at night i can sleep well.

I don't see how. Your fingers are up typing crazy ass nonsense shit on the internet.

"i was raised to be honest, play fair, be respectful. i guess my parents didn't know what the hell they were doing!!!"

Obviously they didn't because they raised you to be dishonest,unfair,and disrespectful. Otherwise you would not come on to a forum and make baseless accusations of cheating by Randy. Nothing honest or fair about it, and clearly disrespectful toward a man that has shown nothing but class in mma.

Yes, your original post could be deleted on the grounds that it is slanderous and insulting to Randy(which is NOT allowed). But I'm going to leave it for a while because it will crush your credibility more every time someone reads it.

You are irrelevant.

I'm not sure when you saw him walking behind the judges but if it was close to the beginning or end of a round it's most likely he was returning to/from his seat in the corner's area.  When you're standing cage side you have to walk around the cage to get to your seat, this according to Rigan Machado who missed Johnson's 13 second knockout last week because he was going to his seat when it happened.

I'm also willing to bet you didn't see him leaning down talking to the judges, just walking around them... right?

because it's occasionally fun to point out when someone is being a pinhead like this guy. It's not as if we are taking his accusation seriously, just our responses.

Randy has wayyy too much integrity for that, give it a rest.