Why respect or slack for manny?

I have never done anything other than simply read the crap he has been spamming this place with and me and everyone I know from Cesar and Dave's were happy he got what he had coming to him.

Fuck that guy, his friends and his fat promiscuous mama.

Agreed. he pretty much conned his purse by driving everyone crazy. Cant possibly repect a guy that has no respect for his competitors and or his fans. Win, lose or draw, he conducted himself like an asshole 24/7. Shame Hermes had to hurt his hand on the Miami Meatball.

cue MAFighter and his bullshit

Fuck Manny"i am a stupid fucking waste of good clean oxygen"Reyes.He got what he deserved.Like Mitch said we would like to send a big THANK YOU to Hermes from the Nor Cal Fighting Alliance

Not only as a fighter, but as a fan (person)you respect other fighters and people like you want to be respected and treated.

This is why Manny always does and always will talk shit and dis-respect the NHA/MMA Fighters and fans, because Manny knows he is a piece of shit so he figures he will treat the world like he feels!

Go away Manny...