Why Rome?

A good Protestant-Catholic beef is brewing in here, so I'll stir the pot a bit with my ramblings...


It was a Roman who pierced the body of Christ and nailed him to the cross.

Why St. Peter went to Rome? Why St. Paul followed him?

Now there's a number of references about this, maybe best summed up by what St. Irenaeus, a disciple of Polycarp, who himself was a disciple of John the Evangelist, wrote in the second century AD about the formation of the Roman church:
"the very ancient, and universally known Church founded and organized at Rome by the two most glorious apostles, Peter and Paul..." (Irenaeus: Adversus haereses, III, iii)

Now during those times the Roman Empire was powerful, and Rome was maybe the capital city of the 'known' world.

Peter knew that being true to the message of Christ was to go to Rome. He knew he would die as a martyr there, but he went anyway.

What would the global Christendom be without the Roman Church?

The Oriental churches have beautiful traditions, but they weren't as active in sharing those traditions with nations who hadn't received the Gospel. Syrians brought Christian faith into Ethiopia and parts of India. Russia was evangelized later and few other nations, but without the Roman Church Christian faith wouldn't have had the same impact on our world as it has had now.

I most certainly wouldn't know about Christ if it wasn't for the Romans, and much of Europe and Americas wouldn't know about Him either.

God works in mysterious ways.

Now is this way too arrogant? :)

Always such a gentleman, Aaron... :)

You obviously missed the point, but...

Oh well... :)

Aaron, take a deep breath and relax. Remember that deal we made abuot posting respectfully towards each others faith?

Catholics have better artists!

sticks out tongue

The point being that just as you, Aaron, feel that Christ is using your voice to spread His message, I feel that Christ used Romans to fulfill what has been destined to happen since the very beginning.

Aaron, plese stop

you can respectfully disagree. And much of what is said here is true, at the time of Jesus Rome was the crossroads of the world, without the Roman church Christianity would not have spread as quickly. This was part of God's plan, which ofcourse was very well thought out.

Jesus built his church, and he used Rome to do it.

the rev

i think if aaron worshipped the saints like we catholics do he would be much calmer and happier!

LOL @ GRYAN... :)

God uses men, the most men where in Rome. It was the heart of the known world. It is all just common sense really.

trappebier,let's not try and cloud the issue with facts here;)

Sorry my fault. I have my own views on Christianity. However it drives me fucking NUTS when I see these 22 year old kids who "found God" through this one church. Not because they believe, that is great. What I hate is there view that "My way is the right way, my way is the only way. I have been part of X church for 18 months, and I know what I am talking about! My pastor knows christ! I am saved and if your not saved, in the same church as me, you are going to enternall HELL! HEATHENS!" I just want to beat the shit out of them for being bull-headed jack-asses, but I don't. I do not even bother trying to have a conversation with them, it is like sticking ice-picks in my ears. God is perfect, we are falable. I look at it like this. God is so far above us it is impossible for us to understand him. All we can do is love him, and try to love others. To try to understand him would be like a mouse trying to understand me or you. God is so far above us it is insulting to think that we are capable of thinking on his level. Furthermore, everyone who says, "God is like this:" is an idiot. God is an all powerfull perfect being? How could we put him in a box. To many people on this board do not give God his credit.

"Sorry my fault."

trappebier,i'm just kiddin'brother!

I know I know, I just get filled with rage when I read alot of the posts here, not yours at all Gryan, I agree with you on this one. I need to work on eliminating these feelings, there not healthy.

trappebier,i feel your pain.there have been times when i've read things i just want to head butt the screen!there have been times when i stay away for months too.you may experience the whole range of human emotion in one post!

but i also have read some pretty inspirational stuff too.actually some very cool people here.i find myself running for my bible,the catechism,different websites etc,just trying to keep up.i find myself praying over things(understanding,patience,tolerance,love,what have you).but no matter what....at the end of the day i still hit my knees ,say my prayers and read my scripture.welcome,gr.

I need to try to live tolerance and love much better, because in my world they are the point of it all. O that and good cigars.

It was the centre of the world.

catholic church crap- way to show the love of your lord and saviour jesus christ.


That's your response, Aaron? No apology, no recognition you were wrong? How Christian is that? Read Pius's post again and let's hear your response.