Why Sakuraba is a Legend(pic)


The man knows getting fans interested is about showmanship along with skill.

PLus hes a riot

wtf, lmao

i hated seeing him get so beaten up by that guy

His face was mangled after that fight. I felt bad for him.

i remember when the pics of that press conf came out... lol

Or how about in the press conf before the Sik fight where he came dressed in the sumo wrestler's outfit?

It's the fake drawn on muscles that are decieving your eyes.

"Arona clearly doesn't get it."

What's there to get?

Saku is so damn funny.....ya gotta love that guy.


Saku is the man...

Sak is the reason I started fighting. Great showman and fighter.

Icecop....aren't you missing some Gracies?

The kanji on his forehead is "niku" (meat)

arona doesnt have to "get" anything, he just needs to keep standing there and looking hot as f*ck, IMO. that's just IMO though.

So what he beat White and Mezger, whoopee freakin doo. But the other guys on the list are big wins.

Sakuraba rules. Least "tough guy" image ever!

"What's there to get?"

Do you like any fighter that isn't Brazillian? Honestly? All you do is make fun of non-Brazillian fighters.

Sakuraba is immitating Kinniku-Man, a popular Japanese comic book hero.

Your Father will be by to threadshit in a few minutes, imo