Why should MMA fighters be role models

I get annoyed at people saying Jon Jones, Vitor, Ronda etc are awful role models.

Why the fuck should mma fighters be role models anyway? I am a grown up and I need absolutely no role models in my life, I do not look at celebrities for inspiration on how to live my life.

I also have 3 children and I don't expect Jon Jones to be a role model for any of them as I do not and will not let any of them watch MMA.

Call them dick heads or low life's but piss off with the role model shit, I love mma but these people are paid to hurt other humans. Phone Post 3.0

Gotta agree.  Role model should be mom dad teacher etc.  Not MMA fighters.

Because they are in the spotlight. Kids are impressionable, and like it or not when you're in the public eye you are responsible for your actions more so than some plumber from philly. Phone Post 3.0

Anyone with a platform to speak should do their best to be a role model. Even adults need people they admire and respect, so the children should watch MMA argument is silly. Phone Post 3.0

Why the fuck don't you let your kids watch MMA?

Role models should be people you look up to and strive to be like. If you wish for your kids to get punched in the face for money I really don't know what to say to you.

5/10 Phone Post 3.0