Why so few kimuras?

I see a lot of kimuras working in training, but relatively few in competition (either grappling or MMA). Is there any reason for that?




I believe Sak used a kmura.

Kimura's a great sub!

thedisapointment's post is correct

LOL...I wonder what Nog and Sak would say after they saw this vid...I have
a feeling Sak would laugh and Nog would be pissed.

newton/spratt too

Anyone good knows how important this move is for transitions/sweeps and subs - even Hughes!

video not showing up for me, how about a URL?

"Not many good submission guys in MMA."

Correction, not many of the AWESOME sub guys using there grappling game to actually go for subs.

There are incredible submission guys in MMA.

tons of Kimuras in MMA, in order RNC, Guilltine, Kimura as most attempted and successful.

Omoplata is one id like to see in compitetion

I've wondered this too. The kimura is an incredibly effective, very simple move that can be applied from so many different positions. It's my bread and butter when I roll


to name a few who have used the kimura

It's awesome to hear Fedor speak english in that video. Not knowing Russian, makes him seem more human now that I can actually understand him.

hubris - thanks for the video