Why so little SAMBO on this forum?

There is next to no SAMBO here? what gives? Somebody say something about sambo?

Sambo is cool.(well I said something:)

Easier access to judo so there is more discussion about it...

Hi Jared,

I think the reason you don't see much sambo discussion is pretty simple. There are way more judoka in the world than samboists.

Also, judo always has some sort of competition going on or coming up. So there is usually some active discussion about that. Sort of like when the UFC or Pride nears the other MMA message boards start heating up.

If you have any questions about Sambo, just post to the attention of Scott Sonnon. He's answered every question that I've seen.

Scott, i know that you are gradually spreading the public awareness of Russian Martial Arts through tapes and certifying instructors; however, you do think that there is a way to greatly increase the awareness/interest of a Russian Art like sambo without compromising standards?

I notice that when a martial art spread rapidly on a global scale, the stadards get compromised. There is no exception, except possibly Muay Thai, and even that didn't spread that quickly (also, the stardards are inconsistent worldwide, everyone else is below thailand and a few western european nations like holland).


I've been doing my best to find a sambo place to no avail. In fact, when I was in Brooklyn for a summer I found a Sambo place that refused to teach me. Just thought I'd mention it, since you said that Many are too lazy to investigate Sambo.

Its really quite simple, there is no Sambo in the USA.
In 2001 there was only one Sombo event, the AAU Grand
Nationals. While I love Sambo, and have studied
Russian wrestling for over 20 years it is very
difficult to get excited about a sport when you have NO
opportunity to compete

I feel im lucky, my teacher Martin Clarke puts on fairly regular sombo comps within the British Sombo federation. Plus he is regularly suggesting we compete in comps in europe etc.

Yes I wish we had more competions. That is one of my main reasons for competing in judo, I like training for them.


I think that point needs to be stressed, more so
under current conditions in here.

Scott had given up the Sambo folder. There was
going to be NO Sambo folder on this forum. I
personally asked him if he would share this folder
with me and we could call it Judo/Sambo, because
I didn't want there to be no Sambo info around

He is correct when he says the ego's are killing
everything. Look around, THOUSANDS of people
dead. The Red Cross needs MILLIONS of dollars;
but we are going to see childish little posts about
who has the biggest dick. If we can't come
together now (yes bad joke but trying to lighten the
load.... ouch), when will we ever?

I am not "ducking" anyone right now, but I am VERY
busy with several efforts to raise money that are
WAY more important than this silly shit that comes
up every 6 months or so.

Sambo is NOT Russian Judo. Yet, Russian Judo
IS Sambo. I will let Scott explain the difference as I
enjoy his thoughtful readings. If he gets into the
US odd habbit of making a "label" for everything, I
think you will see what the problem really is.

But until we see a true and legitimate brotherhood,
NOTHING can be done, because while one man
works to blow up enough balloons to raise the
basket, others will keep throwing darts.