Why so much anti-UFCism??

Can you guys help me understand this? I am an mma fan, not a UFC only fan. I love watching fights...plain and simple.

Why is there so much hate for the UFC and Dana? I have been an avid fan of MMA since LONG before Tuf and I have watched and appriciated alot of different organizations and fighters. I don't understand why there are so many people out there who are so agaisnt the UFC.

Not trolling just sincerely curious about all the hate out there. Thanks...

Who knows? One thing is for sure, the dude has done a ton for the sport, the company has done a ton for the sport, they're incredibly dominant, they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

dana has done more good than bad for the sport imo

I mean I've scratched my head at his inability to not drop the f bomb every other sentence, but that doesn't make me dislike him or the UFC. I just don't get it.

HendOver...that's a true statement.

I am a UFC fan and also loved Pride... but it seems like most diehard Pride fans have to hate the UFC. I loved both, and think each had their specific things they did well and things they didn't do so well.

Because a) people are bitter b) it creates relatively long threads.

Because people have no life, and love to shit on what's popular.  Without the UFC these assholes wouldn't know what MMA was.  I'm all for watching EliteXC, Strikeforce, Dreams, and whatever else i can get my hands on.  Some people are just born to be douche bags....IE Haulport, EVILYOSHIDA,  sonestersambo, Ray Jackson, InfO.  These guys watch the UFC each and every one of them, but their trolls and they do what trolls do.

really enjoy watching both promotions,i prefer the japanese rules but each of them have things that i would change. but it is great that most of the exposure has been positive imo.

it is because of the misunderstanding what a monopoly is

i don't like the way the fights are marketed.

FCTV808 could you give examples?

"The UFC cards are stacked nowadays, what are you watching?"

LOL, they grabbed most of the pride stars and they've ALL fought in the last year, along with their own roster of top fighters - what are YOU watching, more like.

Because Dana White is trash.

Other than that, its not too bad.

dana didn't kill pride zuffa was basically black balled in japan. look at dream and how easy it took for them to get a tv deal

The biggest criticisms falls at the feet of those at the top. Sadly, it is a rule of life. The UFC is the biggest business in MMA so criticism comes with that honor.

I thought there was more UFC hate when PRide was around. Look at that UFN card.


"I thought there was more UFC hate when PRide was around."

It's not even a question.. Back in the day self promoted 'true fans' of MMA would rip on UFC mercilessly, citing the lack of quality fighters, low pay etc etc... Now, they've got far less ammo so what you get are the true haters shining, with the occasional input from old school haters.

Listen I am a Pride fan...always was. But Just take Pride 31....if the UFC put this show on tomorrow...they'd take SO MUCH SHIT from the people on the UG.

Roman Zentsov .vs. Pedro Rizzo
Quinton Jackson .vs. Yoon Dong Sik
Fabricio Werdum .vs. Jon Olav Einemo
Alistair Overeem .vs. Sergei Kharitonov
Josh Barnett .vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura
Tsuyoshi Kosaka .vs. Mario Sperry
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira .vs. Kiyoshi Tamura
Mark Coleman .vs. Mauricio Rua
Mark Hunt .vs. Yosuke Nishijima

I was at Pride 33 at the Thomas and Mack and it was INCREDIBLE! I think alot of people look back at Pride and kind of see only the good. Those same people look at the UFC now and see only the bad. Just my .02 cents

"FCTV808 could you give examples?"

w/o getting too specific, the whole rock video vegas flash package takes way too much away from the dignity of trained and honed fighting imo. do what you must to turn a buck, but i really wish that the mega player in the industry would use their resources to shape a more honorable image than going the easier route--or so it seems to me.


thanks for responding.