Why Still no UFC Show?

I remember hearing here there was going to be a weekly show whats the story on that? Its really sad they cant get a tv deal when nwa tna wrestling which started as a weekly ppv has got a deal on fox net and zuffa cant. TNA has been out less then two years and they got this while zuffa had a couple fights on and it went no where.

SHHH.... Dana White is busy stripping titles.

Try again next week! kthxbye

It gets worse as time go's on with there titles.

What im trying to say would be GET OFF YOUR FUCKING ASS AND GET IT ON TV!

Zuffa should get Jeff Jarrett to run there shows.

Im not going to let this rest!


TNA is paying for their slot. They get whatever money for any ad time they sell, but they are still paying to be on the air. It is essentially a TNA infomercial.

I do know that UFC was talking with Spike. Spike wanted some sort of reality tv show. I believe that Dana and Zuffa want more of a Tuesday night fights show. They want to use it to develop younger talent and build them towards being on PPV.

As far as UFC paying for a tv slot, once you start paying you will never get a money making show. If the buzz on UFC continues to build(and it is building in the mainstream, even though many of the internet squad keep declaring UFC as being minor league and are predicting it's demise) they will eventually work out a tv deal that brings money into the company. When more money comes, more money will be spent on contracts.

lol@ rata

While not yet on TV really, I was flipping through the channels and found "Boxing" on FSP (Sunshine Network) and turned it there. I saw Yuki Kondo. It was the end of his fight with Cafe. That was a good match. I was stoked to see the UFC on cable in some capacity. Then a Pat Miletich match came on so I switched to the Travel Channel.