why stop the fight?

what is with this trend of stopping the fight for arm punches?

what is so bad about making the guy in the dominant position actually finish the fight?? I mean if the guy is so bad off he can't defend himself why not make the guy actually land a meaningful punch or submission before stopping the fight??

I could see stopping a fight if the guy is on queer street but half of the fights these days are stopped on pitter-pat arm punches that don't even land 1/2 the time..

See: Intelligently Defending Yourself.

Its that school of thought that lead to the Cecil Peoples sandwich..

See: Intelligently Defending Yourself. You have ignored this user.

^^ True...

rockfist, not talking about joe... just talking about how quick they are to stop fights on weak ass bullshit punches in general.. you saw herb looming over nate when peligrino had him pinned up in that crucifix, imagine if batman had landed a few more pitter pat punches and actually stopped the fight..it would have been a travesty!! don't get me wrong I don't want to see fighters get hurt badly however a lot of these stoppages are bullshit.. IMO you should have to FINISH your guy or at least have him hurt so there is no complaining.. they shouldn't be so quick to stop the fight for hitting the guy in the arms after a flash knockdown..

I feel that there will be earlier stoppages because of the exposure on free tv. The UFC won't want a fight going on too "long" in the general public's eye & then get bad press

i was worried they would stop it!!!!


Good fight.

TheJesse - See: Intelligently Defending Yourself.

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