When I last logged on about a week ago ,people were posting some nasty thing's about him . I know there is alot of Florian fan's out there ,but Sean should'nt have to have his name trashed because the two are fighting . Sherk is a great fighter who worked hard to get where he is ! It's not his fault he's so muscular and strong. What should he do , stop lifting and training so hard? Any way ,Sherk should win this fight early ,by K.O. or ref. stoppage .

Nobody would be angry to his face.

Got that straight JOB !!

I like both sherk and ken, I hope its a great fight, but the reason people are tearing sherk up on here is because he has some fans that are counting ken out(like alot of people do about the underdog in a title fight) before the fight even happens, to the point that it sounds, according to them, that ken shouldn't even bother showing up. In reaction to that some people are giving sherk a hard time due to the fact his fans are being a tad over zealous about his chances in winning the fight.

I like Kenny but....

Sherk will destroy Kenny, see Diego-Florian.

dc ,I'm not counting out Kenny by far !! I think he's a great fighter! But I do think he need's a couple more fight's ,to hang with a powerfull guy like Sean. But then again he may pull off a quick sub.

tony I'm not suggesting you are bashing Ken, I'm just saying some of sherks fans have been killing Florian here and the backlash has been for the Ken fans to call Sherk out.

Sherk shouldnt be bashed

hes fought alot of tough guys and has always done well

hes gonna hurt j-lo and win that title

Sherk will soon be the LW CHAMPION

dc, understood.Thank's

I hate him becaus ehe hurts me on a daily basis. frankly, I hope he stubs his toe today.

ego, you gotta blame the u.f.c. for that one .

i dont think anyone has been bashing sherk - he is a proven and legit fighter. he has a lot of talent and always shows up to fight. he is a brutal matchup for just about any fighter out there, especially at his new weight class.

that being said - he isn't the mma god that some on this forum would have you believe.

if there has been any bashing - its been to his lil sherklings who can't come up with anything more complex to say than either "War Sherk," or comparing this fight to kenny's fight vs diego.

see Diego-Florian

Kenflo fought 30 lbs above his noraml weight on that show.

However, I still give sherk a slight edge but it will be a great fight. These 2 match up real well

the problem is that sherk's neck is too long and skinny... it's a weak spot
that florian will exploit.

i think sherk's nickname should be 'The Natural' ... randy isnt using it anymore is he?

Sean 'The Natural' Sherk ... has a nice ring to it

the negativty towards Sherk isn't even close to half of the negativity towards Florian.

egoki11a; why be upset... i mean if he wins he was totally justified to be in there... right? or does he not deserve it... even if he wins? Lame logic for someone who has fought 6 times in the UFC and only loses come from the best WW in the fucking world; which were both good fights.

They are top of the class and both of them deserve it...

I have nothing against Sherk, he's an excellent fighter and deserves the title fight...the Sherklings on the forum are pretty irritating though.

all the sherklings and kennyites annoying... i respect both fighters and am anticipating a great fight; so should everyone else!

i guess people are bashing both, but i'm kind of getting the feeling that mst of the people egaging in the really vituperative attacks are mostly guys that know peripherally one or the other of theses fellas.

seems like most everyone else is just looking forward to the fight itself.

personally, i think both of these guys are great, and they're just about exactly what you'd expect out of guys that compete at this level- they're confident in their skills and not afraid to say it. and as to anything they've said that was kind of iffy sportsmanship-wise, i think some of that can be attributed to simple frustration. there's been a lot of impediments to this fight happening, and i can see a guy that's been spending a lot of time in camp getting ready for a fight getting kind of bent out of shape about missed and pushed-back engagements.

then, too, there's a real possibility that these guys are just trying to sell the fight a a little. seems like there's a lot of emphasis in the ufc on selling fights as something other than simple sporting contests between athletes. everything's got to be the "return of" or "the revenge" or "payback" or whatever. maybe florian, as a vet of the ufc's reality machine is trying, or has been instructed to, engage in a little extracurricular with sherk to make things more interesting.

sherk, too, may have some role in this kind of creative eterprise- i mean, the ufc has to know that he's going to be a force at 155. he was a beast at 170, and that was giving up inches to basically every dude he fought, including hughes, who's not exactly a giant. at 155, and fighting guys closer to his natural size, i imagine sherk's going to jump all over people like a gorilla in hob-nailed boots. getting his name out there a little, even in a stupid little way like this can only help them out, as he's sure to be a major player in this weight class.

personally, i can't think of anyone at 155 that i'd give better than even odds of beating sherk, but about half a dozen good matchups for him. we'll be seeing a lot more of sean sherk, imo. and florian, too, is going to be around, he's a tough, composed guy that's hard to hurt (although, yes diego did it), pretty hard to take down, hard to finish on the ground, and he's supposedly working very hard on his muay thai all the time, and overrated or no, he's got a lot of facility in his sub game. we'll be seeing a lot of him, too, win or lose.