why t morrison in mma wil be bad

because they prob will show highlights on espn.

tommy is always lookin in good shape.

the guy he is fightin is fatter than tank.

they will make fun of it no matter what.

plus the hiv factor.

this all = making mma a joke.

and only a week after they made it look like j morton had died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like fattie has takedowns?

tommy will ko him i bet

no take downs, no ground fighting so it's not an MMA fight. it should not be billed as one.

Didnt the guy back out from the fight?

ttt 4 answers

No Takedowns or Groundfighting?

what is this, kickboxing with MMA gloves?

again ttt 4 answers

Wait...no Takedowns?


as far as I know it's a regular mma match.

Tommy Morrison and his supposed upcoming fight will make no difference to the MMA world. No one cares. Is he even cleared to fight?

it will be a circus.
the boxing community will ejaculate all over themselves. Tommy is still probably in very good shape and will murderize this dude. making mma look like a big joke.

tommy m is gonna get cut, bruised and battered.

isn't this WFA on a reservation, with no sanctioning body? how oddly appropriate..

like that shit ass fight was mma?

tommy is a poisoned fuckin pussy!

and did he test pos for hiv?